Knowledgebase communities on EdgeEVM powered by Peeranha

Knowledgebase communities on EdgeEVM powered by Peeranha

Peeranha with their latest integration joined the League of the Edgeware community grant recipients who set up uniquely ideal examples for other grant recipients to follow. The collaboration was initiated by the Peeranha team almost a year back in the form of a proposal draft on the governance forum, followed by the pre-governance discussion with the community members/contributors and the on-chain democracy process in the form of a referendum. 

With the public release of Peeranha’s integration with EdgeEVM, anyone can deploy their knowledge-base community on Edgeware’s EdgeEVM. The Edgeware’s knowledgebase community which is deployed on EdgeEVM is now publicly available to use in three different configurations:

  • Full control: Completely trustless option where users will have to pay for the gas fees in EDG.
  • Control without fees: Users only need to sign the transactions thanks to the meta transaction infra setup by Peeranha.
  • Fewer pop-ups and no fees: Trusted option where users can get a web2-like familiar experience.

The decentralized collaboration

After the Peeranha team’s pre-governance discussion with the Edgeware community, the 3 stage deliverables were proposed for 35000 USD-equivalent amount in EDG in the form of the on-chain treasury grant. The Democracy Proposal #76 for the Treasury Proposal #106 was encoded with a superMajority bias. The resulting Referendum #124 which went live on 6th November 2022 got approved by the Edgeware community members. 

The Problems and Peeranha’s take on it:

Before this collaboration, Edgeware community members primarily relied on conventional communication tools like Discord, Telegram, and Slack for knowledge sharing. 

While these platforms have their merits, they also have several challenges:

  • Short Window of Visibility: Questions and answers within these platforms often got lost in the constant stream of messages.
  • Repetitive Queries: Finding previously answered questions was challenging, leading to the recurrence of the same inquiries.
  • Lack of Indexing: Valuable knowledge generated on these platforms wasn't indexed by search engines like Google, making it difficult to find.
  • Lack of Curation: There was a need for organized and curated knowledge repositories.
  • Isolation of Communities: Different language and regional communities existed in isolated silos.

Peeranha's innovative approach to knowledge sharing addresses these challenges by creating a comprehensive ecosystem that includes:

  • Community Knowledge Base: Built on blockchain and Filecoin/IPFS, the knowledge base is publicly available. Users are incentivized to contribute, earning reputation and token rewards.
  • Bots for Discord and Telegram: These bots facilitate direct interactions with the Peeranha protocol from popular communication channels.
  • Auto-translation Bot: Instantly translates content into various languages, promoting cross-language engagement.
  • AI-Powered Search (Auto-answer AI + NLP): AI-powered solutions provide quick responses based on the knowledge base.

Community Campaign ft. GiftDrops

Random GiftDrops and EDGDrops will be airdropped to the community members who will interactively use/explore the Edgeware’s knowledgebase community on Peeranha in different ways. Here are a few of the examples of how one can utilize the Peeranha’s platform and services:

  • Ask your genuine questions/doubts on the knowledgebase community platform under Feed/Discussions.
  • Explore all 3 modes under Settings (You can ask a question or answer an existing one after switching the fee mode.)  
  • Help other community members by answering their questions from the #peeranha-updates channel on Edgeware's discord.
  • Use the ‘AI-Powered Search’ on the platform and from the #ai-help-desk channel on Edgeware's discord.

About Peeranha

AI-driven Q&A protocol for Web3. Create a full knowledge base and automate community management with our magical features.

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About Edgeware

Edgeware is a community-owned dual smart contracts solochain built on Substrate which started as a fairly distributed governance experiment and then evolved into a self-sustainable ecosystem without any kind of external backing. The network showcases robust on-chain governance with a dramatic legacy and a collectively managed treasury, enabling EDG holders to fund and incubate contributors/projects fuelling the self-sustainability loop.

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