Peeranha Community Quests

A two-week deep dive into the synergies of knowledgebase and AI for EDGizens.

Peeranha Community Quests

As it’s been a little over two months since Peeranha opened up a way to deploy knowledgebase communities on Edgeware’s EdgeEVM, it’s time for the community quests curated by Peeranha to explore the infinite possibilities unlocked through this integration funded by the community treasury! 

Introducing the Peeranha Community Quests commencing from January 31st 2024, the two-week curated community program specially designed for EDGizens of all levels of expertise to become a true connoisseur of Peeranha’s platform and cross-platform functionalities.

Are you ready to taste the edgy amalgamation of the knowledgebase and AI? Let’s deep dive into the Community Quests program!

Week 1: Knowledgebase Week

Knowledgebase Week will kick off the campaign with quests introducing Peeranha’s core functionalities and services. Quests from the Knowledgebase Week will be curated to make EDGizens the power users by providing them with a guided hands-on experience of the Peeranha platform.

Week 2: AI Week

AI week will be featuring quests related to the utilization of AI-powered Search and cross-platform AI Helpdesk along with unique tasks like collectively training/improving the AI engine using public feedbacks.

Starting from 1 pm UTC on January 31st 2024, each day one quest will be opened up for community participation on Edgeware’s Zealy. All the quests will close for entries at 11.59 pm UTC on February 14th 2024.

About Peeranha

AI-driven Q&A protocol for Web3. Create a full knowledge base and automate community management with our magical features.

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About Edgeware

Edgeware is a community-owned dual smart contracts solochain built on Substrate which started as a fairly distributed governance experiment and then evolved into a self-sustainable ecosystem without any kind of external backing. The network showcases robust on-chain governance with a dramatic legacy and a collectively managed treasury, enabling EDG holders to fund and incubate contributors/projects fuelling the self-sustainability loop.

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