EDG Developer Update: Aug 28 - Sep 3, 2022

Keeping you up to date on all things technical related to Edgeware and more! Always in a human-readable form, we look at the code changes, so you don't have to.

EDG Developer Update: Aug 28 - Sep 3, 2022

Status updates

  • Council member remz has created a new aura dependency that is now located in the Edgeware repository. Aura is used for proof of authority consensus. Remz also created a new branch called burp-28 with a generate/bags pallet. This is similar to voting delegation, but you can delegate your nominations for staking.
  • JelliedOwl (Paul) has added an Edgeware RPC node for edgeware apps and polkadot apps. You can see the git commit here.
  • Depth Hoar the noobie UI is live and completed. However, the Edgeware community has decided to call the noobie UI simple UI from now on; the domain name will change soon. You can use it using this link here.
  • EDG Dev Meetings on Thursdays at 6 pm CEST. If you have questions for developers, please bring questions beforehand. You can listen to the recordings here.

Ecosystem Headlines

Ecosystem & Community

  • Interested in building in Polkadot and looking for support? Check out Square One, a guide to resources available for builders in the ecosystem.
  • Sub0, the Polkadot Developer Conference, is back this year 28-29 November in Lisbon, Portugal and online.

The Polkadot Forum is now live and open to the public. It is for focused discussion of Polkadot: ecosystem, development, governance, etc.

Shawn Tabrizi started an excellent conversation on how XCM will be used with XCMP there. If you are interested in learning more about XCM itself, he has also posted a list of resources.
  • Web3 Foundation is open-sourcing a fully succinct BLS signature aggregation achieved using custom SNARKs. This allows one to define and construct accountable light client systems that, in turn, are the core cryptographic primitive used for building bridges between PoS blockchains. For details, see here.
  • Reddit user EvilRabbit817 has put together a very comprehensive post with FAQs (and answers) about staking on Polkadot.
  • Interested in an overview of what’s been developed on the open-source Polkadot/Kusama Tech Stack? As usual, the information can be found on the Polkadot Wiki.


  • Polkadot-JS API v9.2.4 has been released.