EDG Community Update: Week of September 5th, 2022

A weekly newsletter discussing progress updates, events, and governance proposals within the Edgeware ecosystem.

EDG Community Update: Week of September 5th, 2022


  • Introducing SimpleUI, where you can do more with less!
  • The Discord Games aka the 5th campaign from The Cutting Edge Conquest series has been kicked off and will run daily at 5 pm UTC until 14th September.
  • All the Validators, RPC infrastructure providers, Exchanges and Ecosystem Projects can upgrade their nodes to the pre-release v3.5.1 to be prepared in advance for the upcoming ERUP5 upgrade's on-chain democracy proposal.
  • Upcoming Activities/Events: The Cutting Edge Conquest campaigns(ongoing), ThinkRate AMA ft. Ali Sajadpour

Ecosystem Updates





  • Priorities: Kabocha Mods onboarding quiz, Continue collecting quotes from different MM, Update validator documentation, Stop nightly tests for SimpleUI, Multiple snapshots/instances of Hummingbot paper trades on Vultr, Start the final round of The Cutting Edge Conquest aka Discord Games, August Twitter Performance report, Preparations for Valorant Gaming tournament, Continue Proposal Component Report, Document Page Updates (Legal disclaimer, Hierarchy refresh), Community Moderation, Community Infographics, Diversification experiment, Weekly Updates and bi-weekly bulletin, Proposals curations, Twitter management, Operational tasks and announcements, QA/testing, Docs.
  • The public release of the Edgeware Ledger app is out on Ledger Live. The further tentative milestones in the full blockchain support can be tracked via the Height board.
  • Check out theEdgeware Community Calendar to stay in the loop for community calls/meetings on NFTs, DAOs, chain strategy and governance.