Wallets, balances, and other tools for Edgeware

Wallets, balances, and other tools for Edgeware

While the existing Edgeware networks are currently all testnets, several tools have already been built to help users navigate and test. To add to this list, you can post it at the Edgeware Node Github or email [email protected].

Block Explorers


Check your Balance

Official Edgeware Tools and Guides

Running Nodes and Validating

Official Lockdrop Page Key Generator

  • Generate EDG keypairs (private/public keypair)
  • Convert alpha testnet addresses to public keys.
  • This tool is not usable for validators. They should use the CLI guide instead.

Lockdrop Participation Statistics Page

  • Lockdrop contract lookup tool: Retrieve your EDG public address by entering your ETH Address your locked from. (Scroll to bottom of page)
  • View lockdrop statistics and results, including the Generalized Lock approved appeals.

Lockdrop Unlock Tools