The Cutting Edge: Week of June 7th

A weekly newsletter discussing progress updates, events, and governance proposals within the Edgeware ecosystem.

The Cutting Edge: Week of June 7th


Ecosystem Updates


  • The proposal by Zien got funded by treasury for their social media-based NFT platform on Edgeware EVM is open for public voting through Referendum 42. {Referendum type: SuperMajorityApprove, Democracy Proposal ID:37, Treasury Proposal ID:32}
  • During the creation of the SimpleMajorityApprove referendum, the ‘How to make it in Crypto Media - an Original Podcast Series’ proposal was accidentally passed as a Council Motion 48 {Treasury Proposal ID:33}. As this goes against the community principles, Remz immediately refunded the amount to the treasury on the behalf of Joon Ian Wong and Pet Berisha with the promise that Remz will be refunded the exact amount they will be receiving from the treasury upon conclusion of the spend period. Then a new Treasury Proposal #34 {Referendum #43} was proposed for the same funding request.
  • The treasury funding proposal by Joon Ian Wong and Pet Berisha for their ‘How to make it in Crypto Media - an Original Podcast Series’ is open for public voting through Referendum 43. {Referendum type: SimpleMajorityApprove, Democracy Proposal ID: -, Treasury Proposal ID:34} There is no Democracy Proposal ID as this referendum image is not properly coded. Hence, the result of this referendum will be treated as a public mandate to decide whether the treasury proposal should be passed as a Council Motion or not.


  • The Finstreet team accommodated several suggestions from the community members.
  • Community members who are interested in running Webb Protocol’s transaction relayers on Edgeware, please reach out to [email protected].
  • The Calendar of events has many items each week, meetings on NFTs, DAOs, chain strategy and governance- whatever you're interested in, take a look.
  • Trending Community Research thread(s):

> Edgeware Road: para-bridges *core development*

> DOT Parachain Bonding

> Project: Edgeware Community Film and Process

> EVM: Updating our Strategy for Frontier

> Considering a Cap to Supply + Inflation

> Open Thread: What should Edgeware be focused on?

> Chico Crypto collaboration funding


  • AMA with Edgeware ecosystem partner PicoSwap is scheduled for June 15,2021. It will be the first hybrid AMA in such a way that users can join the Telegram Voice Chat to ask questions in audible format or in usual text-based chat format.
  • The next Edgeware All-Community call will be hosted on June 16, 2021. Each month, different individuals/entities from the agency, builder guild, different working groups and enthusiasts come together to speak on various essential topics, ideas and updates related to Edgeware. If you missed it, you can find the meeting notes with recordings here.


  • Polkadot News featured Edgeware Agency’s DAO launch.
  • Exchange C’ fees were paid and we can expect listings on it within a month. The OTC trades under the OTC Community offer will continue to be actively executed for ‘Exchange B’.
  • The community now can track the progress made by the Zondax team in Ledger integration on the Height board.
  • Check out the Edgeware Community Calendar to stay in the loop for community calls/meetings on NFTs, DAOs, chain strategy and governance .