The Cutting Edge: Week of August 30th

A weekly newsletter discussing progress updates, events, and governance proposals within the Edgeware ecosystem.

The Cutting Edge: Week of August 30th


  • The pre-partnership AMA with Anmol Network, the project founded by Furqan Ahmed (an Edgeware Builder Guild member) got a colossal response from the community. Furqan is interested in a community-directed proposal for Anmol airdrop to $EDG holders.
  • All validators are requested to upgrade their nodes to the latest release v3.3.3 to proceed further with the ERUP-4/Wako upgrade through the on-chain governance.
  • Get to know more technical oriented updates on the ‘EDG Dev Digest’.

Ecosystem Updates



  • The Calendar of events has many items each week, meetings on NFTs, DAOs, chain strategy and governance- whatever you're interested in, take a look.
  • Recent/trending Community Research thread(s):

> SimpleMajority - a proposed Edgeware governance standard

> WBF Exchange listing

> Pfeilstorch: A new scene for the Inexact Sciences

> A glance at what's to come for development on Edgeware


  • The next Edgeware All-Community call is scheduled for September 8, 2021. Each month, different individuals/entities from the agency, builder guild, different working groups and enthusiasts come together to speak on various essential topics, ideas and updates related to Edgeware. You can find the previous calls' meeting notes with recordings here.


  • Priorities: Fall Roadmap, Social Media Strategy, Crownload documentation, Marketing, Hackathon(s) and Seminars post-covid, Partners Page(designed, coding undergoing), DOT parachain’s Initial Planning, Culture / Purpose Rift, Ecosystem Partners Planning, VentureDAO planning, proposal template for potential Runtime Maintainer team.
  • EDG Parachain Strategy and new roadmap are getting shaped up.
  • The DAO Financial Strategist team is now onboarded.
  • Exchange C’ fees were paid and recently they confirmed that EDG integration is next on the waiting list for integration. While ‘Exchange B’ didn’t request fees yet.
  • Ledger’s final listing form was submitted. The current progress and further milestones can be tracked on the Height board.
  • Check out the Edgeware Community Calendar to stay in the loop for community calls/meetings on NFTs, DAOs, chain strategy and governance.