Oracle provider Paralink partners with Edgeware to provide the network with access to Paralink’s data feeds. The move allows Defi and other applications on the 1-year old smart contract platform to access Paralink nodes, supporting cross-chain asset price feeds and more. Additionally, while Paralink offers its own network of nodes, the integration will use the native EDG token for fees.

The announcement follows a month of third-party activity on the network with many service providers announcing support in anticipation of EVM capabilities on top of its existing wasm contract support. This is expected to open the door for many existing projects to extend easily into the Polkadot ecosystem as well as take advantage of low fees through native deployments or with EDG as a sidechain.

Paralink’s core innovation is their PQL — a JSON-based logic description making it easier to obtain data from their feeds. Paralink Nodes also access various APIs, other blockchain states, and GraphQL layers.

Within Edgeware, community involvement and reciprocity are common ways for service providers to build trust, accordingly, Paralink has also announced their impending validator status to support network security while Edgeware is a solochain.

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