LUC 101: Retrieving your ETH from the Lockdrop Contract

LUC 101: Retrieving your ETH from the Lockdrop Contract

We've created an unlock tool to speed this process:!/unlock

We designed the Lockdrop User Contract (LUC) to be incredibly simple, which helps make it secure and accessible to use. Initially, the Master Lockdrop Contract (MLC) creates a LUC through one transaction: when you send your ETH. We'll use another one-transaction step to retrieve our ETH after the end of your Lock Duration. Once complete, the LUC will send the entire balance back to the address that originally sent the ETH to the MLC.  

Note that the LUC only has one function: Send the ETH back to the owner. So, for a LUC whose lock duration is ended, any transaction, sent from anyone, to that LUC will trigger the return of funds only to the owner. Let's get started:

Retrieve ETH from a LUC by Sending a zero-value Transaction to the LUC Contract Address

These instructions are written with less-technical users in mind, and we trust that advanced users who prefer other tools will be empowered to achieve the same ends.

You will need:

  • Access and control over the original account you sent from when creating your LUC from the MLC - the ETH will be returned here.
  • Metamask with any account connected, it doesn't have to be the original, but it does need enough ETH to pay the 'gas' (the transaction fee) for the transaction - likely equal or less than 0.00042 ETH.
  • The contract address of your LUC.

  1. Open Metamask and select the account you'll be paying the transaction fee. If you're not sure, check the LUC via our search tool..
  2. Hit the Send Button
  3. Confirm that the account Selected at top has enough ETH to pay the transaction fee.
  4. Carefully enter your LUC's Contract Address into the Recipient Address field.
  5. Enter zero for the send amount.
  6. Increase your gas limit on a transaction to 40k.
  7. Confirm that your transaction speed (and therefore transaction fee cost) is satisfactory. (More fee means quicker processing by the network.)
  8. Hit Next

Now watch for the transaction to be finalized, and confirm that your ETH arrived home safely.

Congratulations and thank you on participating in the Edgeware Lockdrop - we look forward to seeing you involved in the next stages of Edgeware's life: Staking as an Edgeware Validator and participating in Decision Making for Edgeware on, which is currently in Beta but has an open discussion section.