Deadline for Appeals (Added Sept 10 2019):

In order to finalize the genesis configuration, generalized lock appeals will be accepted until the deadline of:
Sept 13, 12:00 UTC (8AM EST)
We have three appeals at this time, they will be published openly after the deadline.

From our Final Terms of the Lockdrop Article, published May 31 2019:

“If an address that calls ‘Signal’ is unable to sign a transaction with msg.value greater than 0 for the entirety of the 3, 6 or 12-month lock durations, that signal can be treated as a lock for the purposes of the allocation award.

These will be treated as a 3-month lock* without early contribution bonuses, and at the end of the contribution period (post-August 30th,) will be added to the genesis spec of Edgeware, case-by-case. In these cases, we will strive to achieve the two goals outlined in this article on the Lockdrop Norms.

*As of June 18,2019, based on community feedback and/or signaling proposals from current Lockdrop participants, the amount allocated to each General Lock participant may change.  These proposals will be published to for engagement and discussion by EDG address holders.

The Generalized Lock Appeal Process is available to:

  • Controllers of stuck or otherwise immovable or unrecoverable funds, including those sent to unintended addresses.
  • Creators of independent lock contracts.

To conduct a Generalized Lock Appeal:

  1. Signal according to the instructions provided here.
  2. Complete this Generalized Lock Appeal Form fully.

If approved, you will be contacted and your contribution published to and other social channels.

This published information will include:

  • The Amount of ETH Approved for a Generalized Lock
  • The Address of that ETH
  • The Signal Transaction Associated with the appeal.