Edgeware 2022 Community Roadmap

Edgeware 2022 Community Roadmap

Edgeware is a fully decentralized and community-operated platform: our roadmap does not issue from a central planner or entity, but instead emerges through conversation and consensus with our contributors and holders. We're looking forward to a bright 2022 with the launch of robust support for EVM, unlocking the world of ETH tooling and integrations:

Community Roadmap


Q1: ERUP-5: Full EVM Support and More

Status: Near completion by Filip. See proposal.
Will deliver full EVM functionality to Edgeware, update our Substrate version, ensure compatibility with latest Apps versions and ease integrations with exchanges and tooling through EVM, Node Types and Metadata improvements.

Q1: Crowdloan launch of Kabocha.network

Status: Nearing launch.
Kabocha is an Edgeware-funded KSM parachain that will grow organically, test new inflation theories, fuel public goods, and pursue a bridge from EDG to KSM. They will distribute 1:1 KAB token for EDG token.

Q1: Continued Runtime Developer Recruitment and Support for Palletes

Status: While Filip (see above) gains knowledge, we continue to support several internal development talents and plan for budgeting new grants to developers tackling the continued improvement of our Frontier EVM integration and other Substrate palettes.  We estimate this number to grow to 4-15 over the next year.

Q1: Decentralizing our Governance interfaces, improving the UX and Participation

Status: Delegation interface launched. We are continuing community-led research into mobile-wallet governance features, expanding participation through vote-escrow token economics, governance incentives, and testing direct and liquid democracies, which is currently live on EDG.   We are also working with our current governance portal, Commonwealth.im to de-silo our governance forum and share this with other Substrate-based governance interfaces, giving EDG users several ways to interact with the chain and track canonical discussion.

Q1: Community enhancements: EdgPass Benefits, Reputation, Clans gamification of Community.

Status: We’ve launched the ECEP (Community point program) program that rewards participants in AMAs, and are pursuing the launch of social ‘houses’ that compete with each other to make Edgeware a more engaging and fun community, including funding for art, culture and more- all from our public treasury.

Q1: Sub-treasuries, diversification programs, and other DAO financial practices.

Status: We recently funded a team of three community members to test our patterns for managing a pool of community-owned EDG on behalf of the network, diverisifying into a mix of stablecoins and strong assets that ensure EDG will be sustainable. In the future, these funds can be scaled up and increased in number to target economic niches and earn the public profit on investments.


Q2: Bridging to ETH, KSM, and DOT

Status: Waiting on ERUP5 upgrade.
With the launch of robust EVM, we can pursue bridges to popular and higher liquidity ecosystems like ETH, DOT, ATOM, KSM and more. Many Substrate compatible bridge technologies are nearly ready for deployment, and thanks to Substrate’s fully modular approach, should be deployable soon. We are also interested in funding the development of a second parachain (the first is Kabocha.network) that will serve as a Parabridge for EDG to DOT.

Q2: Dev Tooling including Oracles, Subgraphs, Node-as-a-service providers, and new governance portals.

Status: Currently awaiting ERUP5 Upgrade.

After the ERUP5 upgrade (see above,) we can pursue integrations and support from services that integrate with EVM environments to provide all the tools and resources that exist on Ethereum and more

Q2: Launch a community validator program, increase our set to 200 and decentralize our testnet through incentives.

Status: The strategy for the program has been published and we are currently testing ways to use our on-chain treasury to nominate directly to validators. Once this is established, validators will be able to apply for nomination support from the public. We will also propose on-chain upgrades increasing the validator set after ERUP-5 and post-upgrade stability are clear. All of this will be made easier by new node-as-a-service providers like OnFinality (currently live on EDG) and other leads like Ankr.

Q2: Token Economic improvements to inflation, including EIP-1559 Burning mechanisms on our EVM.
Status: EIP-1559 will be included in ERUP-5, and can be expanded to Wasm runtime thereafter in subsequent upgrades, with community approval.

Q2: Continue to pursue exchange and fiat off/on-ramp integrations, including Exchange B, our top-5-in-volume anonymous exchange partner.

Status: We are currently in governance actions for the funding of these integrations and exchange launches. Stay tuned!!


Q2- Q3: Launch of defi primitives, including DEXs and stablecoins.

Status: Currently waiting the launch of the ERUP-5 Upgrade, which will allow easy porting of existing EVM DEX and stablecoin tech over to EDG.

Q4: Relaychain Research & DeploymentStatus: ArtPop Test-relaychain launched.
We recognize the need for accessible and nested relaychains to unlock the full potential of the Substrate and Polkadot ecosystem. EDG and KAB engineers are currently testing ArtPop, a testnet relaychain by Decentrated that will inform and prepare Edgeware to fund new chains, expanding the tools and resources for EDG-involved teams.