EDG Developer Update: Oct 17 - Oct 23 2021

Keep you up to date on all things technical related to Edgeware and more! Always in a human-readable form, we look at the code changes so you don't have to.

EDG Developer Update: Oct 17 - Oct 23 2021

Status updates

  • During the Sub0 conference, the Edgeware agency took notes! You can check them out here. You can read through and get the main points and the slides of each presentation. It is not fully completed we will add to it over time as we finish watching the intermediate and advanced presentations.
  • New Documentation updates
  • Create Multi Signature Account
  • How to request public funds from treasury
  • Bi-weekly Builder's Call: October 26th, 2:00 PM EST in the builders voice channel on the Edgeware discord. Every other Tuesday at 2p EST. Bring questions, projects to show off, and ideas!
  • You can listen to the recording of the last builders call on September 12th here!

New Video: Get Started With WASM and ink! on Edgeware

Ecosystem Headlines


  • Going forward, Polkadot and Kusama runtime upgrades will be using compressed runtimes. Until now, they had been using uncompressed versions which, due to being a waste of on-chain space, also caused a recent upgrade to fail due to the runtime file being too big.
  • Rococo, the parachain testnet that laid the groundwork for parachains on Kusama Network and Polkadot, now evolves into a community-maintained parachain testbed. Learn about the upcoming Rococo revamp and what it means for parachain teams.
  • The first two batches of Parachain Auctions on Polkadot were announced to great fanfare. At some point, #Polkadot was trending on Twitter—talk about community excitement. If you wish to participate in the crowdloans, now is the time to unstake your DOT as unstaking takes 28 days on Polkadot.
  • There have been several questions about staking rewards recently. If you are not receiving staking rewards, please read this article for possible issues.

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