EDG Developer Update: July 24 - July 30, 2022

Keeping you up to date on all things technical related to Edgeware and more! Always in a human-readable form, we look at the code changes, so you don't have to.

EDG Developer Update: July 24 - July 30, 2022

Status updates

  • Filip Kalebo updated the docker file for the ERUP 5 upgrade. This is to build new docker images. He also fixed a syncing problem where nodes would take a long time to sync after upgrading. You can see the latest commits here.
  • Depth Hoar has made his work on the edgeware UI public; you can see the latest progress here. He is adding material UI components.
  • EDG Dev Meetings on Thursdays at 6 pm CEST. If you have questions for developers, please bring questions beforehand. You can listen to the recordings here.

Ecosystem Headlines

Ecosystem & Community


  • Polkadot-JS API v8.14.1 has been released.
  • Polkadot-JS Extension v0.44.2 has been released.
  • Polkadot-JS Apps v0.118.1 has been released.