EDG Developer Update: Dec 5 - Dec 11, 2021

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EDG Developer Update: Dec 5 - Dec 11, 2021

Status updates

Drew has submitted a pull request to integrate currencies-orml (open runtime moduler library). Here is a short overview of the currencies module.

The currencies module provides a mixed currencies system, by configuring a native currency which implements BasicCurrencyExtended, and a multi-currency which implements MultiCurrency.
It also provides an adapter, to adapt frame_support::traits::Currency implementations into BasicCurrencyExtended.
The currencies module provides functionality of both MultiCurrencyExtended and BasicCurrencyExtended, via unified interfaces, and all calls would be delegated to the underlying multi-currency and base currency system. A native currency ID could be set by Config::GetNativeCurrencyId, to identify the native currency.
  • Cohort Session 4: We're looking for ambitious learners that would like to grow with Edgeware, and become a core part of our community. The Edgeware cohort program is a new program that will educate individuals on the structure and operations of Edgeware, Substrate, and blockchain technology, and provide the skills necessary to contribute to the evolution of Edgeware's ecosystem. The  next one is December 15th, 11:00 AM EST in the Voice-Builders voice channel on the Edgeware discord.
  • You can listen to the second cohort session here!
  • Builders Call: Cameron will be hosting builders call Friday, Dec 17 at 1:00 PM EST in the Voice-Builders voice channel on the Edgeware discord. Bring questions, projects to show off, and ideas!
  • You can listen to the recording of the last builders call on December 7th here!
  • During the Sub0 conference, the Edgeware agency took notes! You can check them out here. You can read through and get the main points and the slides of each presentation. It is not fully completed we will add to it over time as we finish watching the intermediate and advanced presentations.

New Video: How to Run for Council on Edgeware

Ecosystem Headlines


"Essentially, a trait defines a set of methods that can be used by different types. For example, unlike native struct implementations which work for a specific struct, traits can be implemented in more than one structs. When a trait is implemented in a type, all the methods defined in the trait will be made available to the type."

"Shelven, the Lead Researcher of Phala Network, will demonstrate how to to build a BTC price oracle with a Telegram bot in 50 lines of code in Phala's native Fat Contract (confidential ink! smart contract). In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage Fat Contract’s unique features like asynchronous HTTP request and computation-intensive tasks in ink! language."


  • Polkadot JS API 6.12.1 is out with a low-priority tag recommended for users of contracts on the current Substrate master version and TS users who generate metadata v14 interfaces.