EDG Dev Digest: Sep 26 - Oct 2 2021

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EDG Dev Digest: Sep 26 - Oct 2 2021

Status updates

“How do we incentivize people (developers) to build on our platform, and how do we get them to stay”?

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  • Bi-weekly Builder's Call: October 12th, 2:00 PM EST in the builders voice channel on the Edgeware discord. Every other Tuesday at 2p EST. Bring questions, projects to show off, and ideas!
  • You can listen to the recording of the last builders call on September 28th here!

New Video: Using Web3.js and Node.js with Edgeware EVM Testnet for Local Development

Ecosystem Headlines


  • October 13-14, Sub0 Online is back with two days of in-depth talks and workshops on all things Substrate. Register now to hear from Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, the substrate core developers, as well as the teams building innovative Web3 projects. Join the Edgeware developer and community Discord voice and text Channels.


Core Stack

”This should help other developers who want to build on top of the Assets or Uniques pallet as a basis for managing tokens in their runtime.”