EDG Community Update: Week of November 22nd

A weekly newsletter discussing progress updates, events, and governance proposals within the Edgeware ecosystem.

EDG Community Update: Week of November 22nd


Ecosystem Updates



  • The Calendar of events has many items each week, meetings on NFTs, DAOs, chain strategy and governance- whatever you're interested in, take a look.
  • Recent/trending Community Research thread(s):

> Edgeware engineering recruitment


  • The Edgeware All-Community call was hosted on November 24th 2021, at 1 pm ET. Each month, different individuals/entities from the agency, builder guild, different working groups and enthusiasts come together to speak on various essential topics, ideas and updates related to Edgeware. From now onwards the All-Community Call will be hosted every week instead of the previous bi-weekly schedule. You can find the previous calls' meeting notes with recordings here.
  • The bi-weekly “Builders’ Call & Community Hackday” was hosted on November 23th 2021, at 2 pm ET. Recordings can be found here.
  • Weekly EDG Financials Call is being hosted every Tuesday at 2.30 pm ET. Recording for the same can be found here.
  • Recently launched: EDG Beginners’ Cohort (weekly, technical) on November 24th 2021, at 11 am ET. Recordings are publicly available here.


  • Priorities: Listing Discussions Ongoing, EDG Cohort, Rosetta API Project, CMC self-reporting dashboard, Wako Review, Interviewing/Reviewing Props from Recruiter/  Eng, Website and Core Identity, DAO Research and Planning, Bounties, Grants, BD and Docs.
  • Exchange B’ is in the pipeline and ETA is 3+ months.
  • The dev release of the Edgeware Ledger app is out on Ledger Live while the current progress and further milestones in the public listing can be tracked via the Height board.
  • Check out the Edgeware Community Calendar to stay in the loop for community calls/meetings on NFTs, DAOs, chain strategy and governance.