EDG Dev Digest: Aug 22

EDG Dev Digest: Aug 22


We have a new weekly newsletter to keep you up to date on all things technical related to Edgeware and more! Always in a human-readable form, we look at the code changes so you don't have to.

Status updates

What's to come for development on Edgeware.

  • Bi-weekly Builder's Call: August 31st, 2:00 PM EST in the builders voice channel on the Edgeware discord. Every Tuesday at 2p EST. Bring questions, projects to show off, and ideas!
  • Wako Upgrade: More nodes have upgraded to 3.3 Wako, meaning that soon we can launch the on-chain upgrade.

Documentation updates

NEW for EDG EVM: Advanced Remix Tutorial

This video demonstrates how to deploy and test an EVM smart contract using Remix on the EDG Beresheet Test Network, using a multisig wallet example code.

Ecosystem  Headlines



  • Polkadot recently made a playlist of videos for beginners wanting to use Polkadot JS.
  • On September 2 there will be a crowdcast for Kusama Demo Day. Hosted by Equilibrium DeFi with media support by Cointelegraph. You’ll see demos of major projects that are already live, a vibrant panel on the parachain auctions. Register
  • A quick video by @GldnCalf about what the Polkadot and Kusama councils do, how representation works on the relay chains and how to get elected. He also made a PLO Cheatsheet.
  • Information on how crowdloans work from Polkadot blog.