Binance distributes 10% of EDG supply to users.

Binance distributes 10% of EDG supply to users.

Binance, the largest crypto exchange by volume, has released roughly 10% of the total supply of EDG to the set of Binance users who held ETH during the original token distribution for Edgeware.

Users who held ETH on Binance during that time were automatically signalled in the Edgeware ‘Lockdrop,’ a novel and fair-launch distribution that supported the utility token status of the network, in addition allowing smaller holders to compete for network share with whales, reducing wealth inequality and supporting the network’s vision of on-chain governance.

Almost two years in anticipation, Binance has distributed roughly 201 EDG per ETH held to each user on their international exchange, and users are now able to withdraw these amounts to wallets that support Edgeware, including MathWallet, Nova Wallet and Polkawallet. Additionally, users can interact with the entire chain’s features including staking and governance actions through

EDG holders look forward to the third year of development on the fully decentralized and community-owned platform, built on Parity Technologies’ Substrate framework. The chain which supports both Wasm smart contracts and EVM contracts, also manages a large public treasury and explores funding new projects and chains like the Kabocha KSM Parachain whose crowdloan launch is impending and will distribute 1:1 KAB tokens to EDG holders.

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