Meet Edgeware: The WASM-runtime smart contract platform with cutting-edge governance features.

Today we released the Edgeware white paper, detailing the robust identity and governance modules, voting and tally types, and the June 1 distribution (the ‘lockdrop’).

Going forward, we’re fully committed to community-led governance of the Edgeware protocol, so we can’t guarantee that these new features will be implemented unless voted in, but the Commonwealth team is excited about these modules in ‘19–’20:

  1. A better identity system — allowing people to link ETH, EDG, and Cosmos addresses to encrypted email or even other social network handles.
  2. Anonymous Voting — utilizing sparse merkle trees and zkSNARKs.
  3. Becoming a Polkadot parachain — guaranteeing the security benefits we discussed earlier
  4. A DAO Module — allowing DAOs to built on the Edgeware protocol. Given our focus on governance, we’re obviously excited by all of the opportunities ahead for DAOs.

Read the White Paper Here (PDF)

We’re excited to talk more about our next steps as we approach the June 1 lockdrop launch — including our Ambassador program, a developer-focused forum, and to share more about how Edgeware is uniquely complementary to the existing Ethereum ecosystem by offering a WASM environment to explore, plus a way to test Dapps in parachains- if and when our Polkadot Network integration occurs.