AllianceBlock Announces Decentralized Capital Market on Edgeware with Unique Defi-NFT Approach

AllianceBlock Announces Decentralized Capital Market on Edgeware with Unique Defi-NFT Approach

Utrecht, The Netherlands, May 14, 2021 --AllianceBlock has announced it will launch a decentralized capital market on the Edgeware smart contract platform. The protocol brings unprecedented tooling to the Substrate-based Wasm contract palette, including NFT contract standards, Defi and DAO primitives to their peer-to-peer market, further empowering collectives and individuals to lend and fund across the network.

In the longer term, AllianceBlock is positioned to bridge traditional finance and defi through globally compliant platforms and tools - interoperating with the latest in digital organization and governance and their team’s background across both financial paradigms, including CEO Rachid Ajaja, previously at Barclays and the VINCI smart cities project:

"Edgeware’s vision of building a community owned, decentralized platform with a focus on on-chain governance is perfectly in line with our own. We are seeking to build a new financial infrastructure that takes advantage of innovative technology, and Edgeware’s community treasury, facilities for DAOs, and bridging of digital and physical entities are important parts of linking DeFi with traditional finance.
We are excited to be integrating our products into Edgeware, and look forward to collaborating more moving forward."

Edgeware is currently the oldest and few of the mainnet Polkadot ecosystem smart contract platforms, enabling teams like AllianceBlock to fully test and deploy on variety of development and mainnet Substrate chains.The value alignment and technical foundation, including the opportunity to model best practices off the chain’s own governance, has made deployment on Edgeware a quick and effective launch.

Look forward to a launch AMA in the Edgeware and AllianceBlock community forums in the next few weeks.

About AllianceBlock
AllianceBlock is creating a protocol that will bridge DeFi and traditional finance (TradFi) to bring the benefits of both areas to one another and create the first decentralized capital market.

The AllianceBlock Protocol is designed to reflect how traditional finance would be built today with current technology. It incorporates new technology such as DeFi in a TradFi friendly manner, ultimately allowing us to facilitate services required by both spaces.

Long term, the decentralized blockchain-agnostic Layer 2 AllianceBlock Protocol will provide a secure and regulatory compliant gateway for billions of dollars present in TradFi to flow towards DeFi and enable DeFi platforms and protocols to be used by a much greater audience. In doing so, we will unlock DeFi for the world.

About Edgeware
Edgeware is a community-owned, fairly distributed, self-sustainable blockchain ecosystem built on Substrate with on-chain governance and a collectively managed treasury, enabling users to fund the chain’s development and teams to build projects.